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 Each man in this world is living with different aims. Every one has a different system of thoughts and according to there views, they decide their priorities.

Some people place business at the top priority, their family takes a back seat. While some lay emphasis on a lavish life style, their work/job gets neglected. The first and foremost question has to be - what is your priority? Family, Friends, Money, Success in work, Social Eminence or Something else??

Well friends, it’s an old saying that there must be a balance between family and business / job but in reality, things are not like that. There always remains one or the other area dissatisfied. Maybe this story will help you decide your priorities.

       A saint took a glass jar, filled it with big chunks of rocks and showed it to the people present there. He then asked them,” Is there any place left in the jar for anything else?” The answer was no.

                    Then he picked up small pebbles and put them in the same jar. Those pebbles slipped along the little places among the big chunks, and fit there. One by one, quite a few pebbles could fit in. Again he asked if the jar could hold anything else. The answer was a definite no.

   Now the teacher picked up the jar and started filling it with sand. He shook it a little and a fair amount of sand slipped inside. The sand was occupying the crevices left between the pebbles and the stones.                                                  

All those present there were speechless. The teacher then said, “Friends, only when you think ahead and beyond the normal routine thought process, you can get some answers.”

Ultimately, he again asked,” Can it still hold more?” The crowd vehemently denied. People said that they could have been wrong in their judgment but now they were cock-sure, nothing would go inside the jar. The teacher again picked up the jar and started pouring water in it. Slowly that water fit in with the material inside.

There was nothing but silence all over. The teacher explained.” If the jar was filled initially with sand, then the big chunks couldn’t be fitted in. If  water were filled  in the jar and afterwards pebbles and rocks were put, the entire water would have spilled out.

The essence comes to that if your priorities are set right and you work according to them then your life follows a pattern which will be balanced. The way this glass jar could contain stones, pebbles, sand and water, similarly if you want a self-contained life, you have to decide and plan a well-designed schedule of family life, business, social work, health and etc. Only then you will be able to lead a satisfying life.


You have just one life. Either you make lame excuses and waste it or you achieve through struggling rightly and make a worthwhile
living, the choice is yours.

                                                                                                                          -Dr. Ujjwal Patni

-Extracted from the Famous Motivational author Dr.Ujjwal Patni's Book "Winners and Losers"

9 Golden C's of Communication



1.     Clarity

2.     Correctness

3.     Completeness

4.     Conciseness

5.     Concreteness

6.     Courtesy

7.     Creativity

8.     Commonsense

9.     Complication free language



If you don’t speak clearly, people won’t understand you. Clarity is must in any form of conversation.

To speak clearly

You must know what you want to say.

You must have words so that you can present your thoughts

Your gesture and postures must synchronize with your verbal language 

Check your conversation pattern

Are you often asked for repetition of lines?

Do you often face misunderstanding due to your words?

Are you used to such words like ‘pardon’,

‘Please can you say once more’ etc.



 Whatever you speak, try to speak correctly. The common mistakes done are:

Mispronunciation -

Some people either don’t know how to pronounce a word or they develop a habit of wrong pronunciation.

Wrong grammar-

The people who don’t have command over the language mostly use wrong grammar

It’s always better to express yourself in language of command



Try to speak completely and convey yourself fully. By speaking less, you create misunderstanding; mis vital information and mostly you are half heard.

Some people have the habit of word eating.

Don’t do it!



Common errors are:    

*Over- speaking or long speaking

  Over speaking is very common among certain segments of society. Mostly we have to request them to leave the mike.

*Using more words than required

  Some people use more words but convey less.



Concreteness refers to meaningful and specific words.

If you want to be effective, you must deliver a certain massage in clear words supported by body language.

Example – a luxury premium car.

More concrete talks will create less misunderstanding and give a clear reflection of your personality.



 This is a vital quality not only in communication but character too.

 The meaning of courtesy goes hand in hand with humility and mannerism

 Remember all the people who helped you when you were moving upstairs you will again need them when you come downstairs. Be thank to them



 How you impress listeners is directly proportional to how creative you are. It is very important in public speaking.

 You have to pick and include special elements in your presentations to stir the audience. It can be a phrase, anecdote, short story, poem, incident etc.




Most important sense among all the senses is commonsense

You must understand –

Why to speak?

What to speak?

Where to speak?

Whom are you speaking to?

When to speak?

There are certain basic rules since one must apply his or her commonsense to follow them.


`If you don’t take care of “common sense", you will be considered ‘senseless”

                                                                                                            - Dr. Ujjwal Patni



 Complication factor refers to the usage of complicated, uncommon, and tough words in conversation and public speaking.

 You don’t become great by using rare dictionary words in front of the common people, your efforts will be wasted because they won’t understand you.


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